Tim was born on the 14 January 1985 at North Middlesex Hospital.


He started school at Bush Hill Park Infants and then Junior School. He then started senior school. He attended Edmonton County School, were he stayed until he completed his G.C.S.E’s

Taken from the school leavers book 2001


While at school he met Gemma Woodcock who he fell in love with. They went out for around 3 years till Gemma moved away.



He was also a member of the 2nd Enfield Boys Brigade.


He joined the Junior Section at the age of 8. He then went on to the Company Section where he achieved many things. He loved playing football every Saturday afternoon for the 2nd Enfield team and won Footballer of the Year trophies.


He loved going to camp every year. He started off as a first year and went on to become a Tent Commander. This meant he was in charge of his own tent with 5 other boys under his control. He also went on many activity weekends or hikes, where he learnt how to look after himself and map read.


He also attended the Company Supper held in February every year. Below is a picture taken of Ben, Richard, Tim and Jed all dressed up smart before the Company supper held February 2000.



These pictures were taken on a hostelling weekend in Devon during the Easter holiday 2002.







Could Tim map read!!!! Or did he get them lost?


How far had they walked or is Tim just faking it?



Tim went to all the 2nd Enfield Boys Brigade camps. His first camp was in July 1998 at Penmean in South Wales. Every year Tim went to camp at Penmean, except for the 2000 camp, which was held on the Isle of Wight.


Here is Tim with some members of Staff



I think he has just been asked to wash up or something!





Tim and his tent trying to pull the mini bus during Feats of Strength






Tim was also involved in pantomimes put on by the Boys Brigade and was a mouse on stage in Cinderella. He passed a Battalion Leadership Course on 16th May 2000.


The Boy’s brigade was an important part of Tim’s life till he had to leave the Company at the age of 18.


Tim also volunteered back stage at the Chicken Shed Theatre Company from May 1998 till about May 2000.



Taken at an after show party


He helped out on most shows during that time doing lots of different backstage work. He was involved in shows such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.


While at school Tim carried out 2 weeks work experience at Lex Harvey from 12th – 23rd June 2000. This involved him helping to maintain fork lift trucks. He even got to drive a few. He loved those 2 weeks.


Once he left school Tim got a job working for a company making frames for glasses. He also did some agency work for a bit. In March 2003 he worked at the Greggs Factory in Brimsdown for a month before joining a removals firm called Team Relocations. He worked very hard with this company, working very long hours.




    Tim was always in his work uniform


He was at Team Relocations till his death. During his time with Team Relocations he travelled all over the country working for very rich clients.


While at Team Relocation, Tim took on a second job. This was working in the box office of Eros Night Club.




 He worked there from February 2004 till May 2004. He liked this job because of its atmosphere and because of his love of music.

He loved all music, but had a passion for House and Trance music. One of his favourite groups being Faithless. Tim was also a great West Ham supporter, and had been all his life.

Tim spent all his spare time out with friends from a young age right up until he died. If he was not at work, he was always doing something. Always on his mobile phone. Here are some memories.


He was 13 years old here at Chessington World of Adventures


This is him on the 180 foot Pepsi Max Drop at Trocadero aged 13 years old


He went white water rafting in Wales for Andrew’s 21st birthday


(He is putting a brave face on here, till he saw the water)




He went to Ireland for Gregg’s 18th birthday during half term October 2003.














Tim also went to Kent in October 2003.










Tim went to Clacton on many family holidays.


Tim and his Mum on the train




Here is Debbie, Terry and Tim. Tim was allowed to play with a camera, the others were not.











Here are some pictures taken on a family holiday to Clacton. These are of Tim and Gemma.
















Tim loved every minute of his life, always smiling.




Tim’s 18th birthday party was a surprise. It was held at the Arras Club on Hertford Road. Tim thought he was going out for a meal with Gemma, but arrived to find friends and family waiting to surprise him.



 Here is his Provisional Driving Licence. Tim had had a few lessons and was revising for his theory test.


On Wednesday 25 August 2004 at about 10.50pm Tim Burgess was killed in a car accident in Waltham Abbey.


So many flowers were laid at the scene.


Tim’s Funeral service was held on Friday 10th September at 1.30pm. It was held at the United Reformed Church on the corner of Main Avenue and Third Avenue, Bush Hill Park.

The whole church was packed out, people had to stand.

Rev. Martin Legg conducted the service.

The coffin was carried in by Sean Plaha, Ben O’Donoghue, Paul Lewington, Ian Lewington, Richard Lyus and Andrew Caddies.


The music played at the service was as followed:

Another Chance – Roger Sanchez

Time of Your Life – Green Day

Millennium Prayer – Cliff Richard


The hymns that were sung were:

Morning has Broken

Will your Anchor Hold



There were three people who spoke at the service, here are their words:


The first person to speak was Alan Rushbrook , who is the Officer in Charge of the 2nd Enfield B.B. He spoke about Tim’s time with the Boy’s Brigade and what he achieved. He also mentioned how he had hoped that Tim might come back and help out.

The next person to speak was Andrew Caddies who was one of Tim’s close friends. Here is what he said:


“Dear Tim

What can I say you were the best, you were like my little brother and a dear friend all rolled into one. There are too many memories to mention them now but my favourite was in that limo on my birthday, mate.

Tim, you were liked and loved by everyone you met. You had so many friends, and we all know how special you are to every one that knew you. You would always be there if any one needed to talk to you or needed your help. No words can describe how much people thought of you, but we all love and miss you so much.

You will always be in our hearts and will be remembered forever.

Take care mate.”


The final person to speak was Richard Lyus who was also one of Tim’s close friends. This is what he said:


“I have known and loved you for many years but never really knew you well until me and you went on that hostel weekend. Tim you were my best mate, you could have problems over your head but you always made sure you sorted mine out. Tim you were a hard worker, I can recall many times waiting round Sean’s for you to arrive. All the best times had you there. You created all the funny times. There will never be another Tim.

I will never forget you Tim. I am going to live my life how you did, I will let no one bring me down or let anything get to me. But don’t worry Tim, the good times are not over. Just wait for me, then the good times will roll over again, but forever.

Love and miss you”


Martin Leg then spoke about how Tim could always be relied upon to help out with B.B. He mentioned how Tim had grown into a nice, polite young man who would always say hello to him.


The coffin was carried out by Sean Plaha, Ben O’Donoghue, Terry Burgess, Ian Lewington, Richard Lyus and Andrew Caddies.


Tim was buried at Lavender Hill Cemetery at 2.30pm

The Boys Brigade Vesper was sung and then the Last Post was played by two buglers, Mathew and Simon Legg from the 1st Enfield Boy’s Brigade.












The wake was held at the Conservative Club on Ordnance Road.











‘A young heart has stopped beating,

Two smiling eyes took rest,

You broke our hearts to prove to us,

God only takes the best.’